Eligibility Criteria for Capital Goods Finance Service

lIST of Eligibility Criteria

Status of Eligible Targets

  • Micro under the status of maturity
  • Small Enterprises under the status of start-up, growing and matured and
  • Medium Enterprises
Eligibility Criteria for Capital Goods Finance Service
  1. Certificate of evidence that states the MSMEs status Feasible Business plan.
  2. Renewed identity card of each Member in the MSMEs
  3. For sole proprietorship enterprise evidence of marital status (married or unmarried)
  4. Business license and registration in one of the following forms: Private Limited, Company Share, Company Partnership, and  Sole proprietorship.
  5. Certificate of evidence for appropriate knowledge and Skill in using the machine.
  6. Appropriate working premises for installing the Capital Goods.
  7. Availability of sufficient electrical and water supply as well as road facilities for the working premises having a good credit history
  8. Audited financial statements for existing enterprises
  9. Pre-leasing deposits of 20% of the total cost of the machine


If you are eligible for capital goods service criteria download and fill out the form and send it to an email:-info@ocgfbsc.com
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