Flour Mill

What is Flour Mill Machinery?

Wheat milling is mainly used the strength difference between endosperm and cortex, using grinding, sifting, clear powder equipment to make net wheat cortex, embryo and endosperm separated and the endosperm into flour with a certain degree Wheat flour mill processing equipment division stand-alone devices and equipment, can co-production special flour, flour, marking powder, 200 tons more than the specifications of flour can produce all kinds of food to meet the needs of the food industry. The device is a small investment, high degree of automation, stable performance, quick, low energy consumption, high efficiency, there are a number of varieties for customers to choose.

Flour Mill Machinery

As one of professional flour mill machine manufacturer, together with quality, improving your productivity is our primary focus. Besides, our company inherits to the mission of “customer is the purpose of the service”, and we will reply to you within 24 hours for your feedback. 

Flour Mill Machinery

Our service team will seriously understand the unique requirements of each client and provide professional flour milling project plan in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and industry best practices.

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